What our Customers say...


SERVPRO is the best! Thank you for saving our home. Who knew that water could do so much damage. When you need help, call SERVPRO! Their team is the best.

SERVPRO was great when helping us restore our commercial property in Tampa FL. At first, we weren't sure who to call or who could help us with the restoration. SERVPRO was recommended to us and we couldn't be more thrilled with the service and professionalism. Thank you, SERVPRO!

When it rains, it pours! SERVPRO was happy to help with our water leak in our home, and I can't recommend them enough. Thank you thank you!

When our water heater failed, SERVPRO was quick to help clean up the water. Thanks, SERVPRO for all of your help, highly recommended!

A tree fell on our home after a storm passed. While the damage was minimal, SERVPRO ensured that the work was done right to avoid future damages to our home! Thank you SERVPRO!

Water entered our home through the roof after a storm passed through. Thanks to SERVPRO, the leaking was stopped in its tracks and our home was easily repaired. Thank you SERVPRO for your help and support along the way!

The fire alarms went off in our office and set the sprinkler system off. SERVPRO was quick to help us clean up the mess to keep our offices open. Thanks, SERVPRO, your staff was kind and professional!

Thank you SERVPRO! We had a small candle fire in our home that got scary. After the fire department took care of the flame, SERVPRO was quick to respond and helped us through the process of getting our home back to liveable! I can't recommend SERVPRO enough. 

When rain found its way inside our offices, SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase was quick to respond and very professional. We appreciate their prompt responses and services as they were able to get us back up and running in a short amount of time. Thank you, SERVPRO.

Thank you SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase for getting my place of business back up and running. After a storm, our shop experienced a water loss that resulted in us closing up the shop. SERVPRO got us back up and running in no time!

SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase was absolutely wonderful. We had a small kitchen fire, something that has never happened before! SERVPRO helped ease our nerves after the event and talked us through each step they were taking to ensure that we didn't have more damage than we thought. We are so grateful for their informative and professional service! 

We welcomed SERVPRO into our building this weekend! What a great company - very professional and thorough. They deep cleaned every square inch of our building and our playground equipment with a deep thermal fog disinfectant. They hand-sprayed all lateral surfaces with a botanical decontaminant including everything in the classrooms and "frequent touch items" throughout the school and thoroughly wiped everything clean. We also had all the classroom rugs deep steam cleaned! We're doing this every weekend until we come out on the other side of Coronavirus! Let us know if you need any services for your homes or offices as we highly recommend them - and they are parents of Primrose graduates!

Shout out to James Farrell of SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase. SERVPRO helped me out on short notice and now our training facility is open and ready for business! Highly recommended cleaning service provider. 

SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase has helped our community out so much as of late. I have friends that have used them, and I recently jumped on the bandwagon! SERVPRO was great helping me install my storm shutters. They even were nice to inform me of nearby trees that could be dangerous. Time to prepare for hurricane season! Thanks, SERVPRO!

SERVPRO can do it all! The team at SERVPRO has helped me with many projects at my home, cleaning up rainwater, fixing my pipes, and even helping me with my shed! Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO for any of your needs. They are here to help.

I called SERVPRO to have my home cleaned, turned out there was some mold present as well! So glad that I called SERVPRO! Their staff was friendly and professional, highly recommend!

After a good rainstorm, some water found its way into my walls and started showing itself quickly. Turns out the roof and gutters were damaged from a previous storm, and SERVPRO was able to figure it all out! They saved me quite a headache. My home is not only dry and good as new, but they fixed my roof, too! Thanks, SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase has helped me install my storm shutters the past few hurricane seasons. Their staff is wonderful. They are capable of helping with just about anything! 

I came home to a flooded kitchen! Water and sewage had covered my home. SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase did a wonderful job bringing my home back to life! I don't know how they do it, but you can trust that SERVPRO is able to get the job done right. I stand by them! Thank you for making my home good as new!

Our puppy decided to terrorize our home while we left for a few hours. Broken glass, plants, and trash scattered around, broken furniture, what a mess! We chose to seek professional help to ensure that our home was safe to live in. SERVPRO was so helpful and very knowledgeable. Our puppy enjoyed the company, too! Thanks, SERVPRO for keeping our home clean and safe!

A tree fell on my home and SERVPRO was the first to pick up the phone when I called. They were also quick to respond and clean up the mess, all the while making sure that my home was structurally sound. Thank you SERVPRO of Oldsmar for helping an old-timer living alone in sunny FL!

I own a commercial property in Westchase. SERVPRO provided me with the quickest turn around time for my restoration project and they were happy to help with much more than I could have imagined! Water and fire damage haunted me, and SERVPRO made everything good as new! I highly recommend the staff at SERVPRO of Westchase. 

I came home to a flooded basement last week and the SERVPRO team was quick to respond and help! Water removal happened quickly and I was impressed with the drying process that followed. Great, friendly staff and quick service! Thank you SERVPRO of Oldsmar!

I was feeling under the weather and simultaneously noticed an odd smell in my home. I called SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase and they were quick to respond. After a short visit from their staff, they determined there was mold in my home! So glad SERVPRO was there to keep me healthy, and sane! They were quick to clean up the mold and get me back into my house. Thank you, SERVPRO!

These guys came right out to board up my windows and tarp the roof after a storm. Couldn't ask for a better experience! 

I didn't expect to have to deal with fire damage in my home, and SERVPRO knew that! They were in and out faster than I could imagine. I'd recommend them to anyone! 

When my apartment flooded, SERVPRO is the company our insurance company chose to send out. I'm so glad they did! They did an incredible job.

We recently worked with Jamie and his team. They were professional, courteous and did everything the right way. I would recommend him to anyone in the Oldsmar area for their water fire or mold needs.