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7 Places You Wouldn’t Expect To Find Mold

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

Mold damage in a home If mold is in the pipes of your dishwasher, you may have to contact a mold remediation professional to remove it. Call SERVPRO!

Mold Can Be Found In 7 Surprising Places

Mold is everywhere in the world around us, even in Westchase, FL. Some places you assume you will find colonies of fungi, but here are seven places you wouldn’t expect to find mold growth.

1. Washing Machines

Drums inside washing machines harbor moisture for long periods because they are an enclosed environment. Mold often grows under the drum and causes a pungent odor. If you discover mold or mildew, run a hot water load with vinegar to kill the spores.

2. Windows

Mold on wood is often expected near windows. Mold on the window itself is not. If you discover a moldy window, use a window cleaner or vinegar to kill the mold and remove the stain the spores leave behind.

3. Chimneys

Water can pool on the brick, along with dirt and debris. Once this occurs, it can become a perfect surface for mold growth. Having the chimney cleaned yearly and checking for cracks can help prevent colony growth.

4. Walls

Moldy drywall can hide potential problems for your home. An unexpected hiding place is inside the wall under the mold on the plasterboard. To remove the hidden mold, contact a mitigation specialist.

5. Dishes

If you put damp dishes away, it can become the perfect breeding ground for mold. To remove the mold, wipe the dish with soapy water and run through a load in the dishwasher.

6. Refrigerators

Although you may expect mold on food inside the refrigerator, you probably don’t expect mold to grow on the appliance’s door gasket or in the drip pan. Because food particles can easily be captured in both places, both need a good, regular cleaning.

7. Dishwashers

Known for spreading soapy water, you wouldn’t expect mold to grow inside the dishwashing system but it can. Damp water pipes make it a perfect environment for the spores to grow and flourish. If mold is in the pipes of your dishwasher, you may have to contact a mold remediation professional to remove it.

Keep these seven hidden places in mind. Don’t be surprised by mold growth again!

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