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What To Do If A Fire Starts: Essential Steps for Safety

12/20/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® truck parked outside a job site. If you ever face the aftermath of a fire and require professional assistance with fire damage restoration, contact SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase.

Fires are unpredictable and can happen when you least expect them. Knowing what to do if a fire starts can be a matter of life and death. In this blog, we'll provide you with crucial information on how to respond when a fire breaks out to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. This information is not only helpful but potentially life-saving.

Stay Calm and Alert

The most important thing to do when a fire starts is to stay calm and alert. Panic can cloud your judgment, making it harder to make quick decisions that could save lives.

Alert Others

If there are others in the building, alert them immediately. Yell, knock on doors, or use a fire alarm if available. Make sure everyone knows there's a fire and that they need to evacuate.

Escape Route

Know your escape routes in advance. Most buildings have fire escape plans posted in common areas. If not, create a plan with your family or roommates so that everyone knows where to go.

Get Low and Crawl

In a fire, smoke is the biggest threat. Stay low to the ground and crawl if necessary to avoid inhaling smoke, which can be disorienting.

Touch Closed Doors

Before opening any doors, touch them with the back of your hand. If a door is hot, do not open it. Fire may be on the other side, instead, use an alternate route.

Use a Cloth to Breathe

If you have a cloth, use it to cover your nose and mouth to filter out smoke. Wetting the cloth can be even more effective.

Call 911

Even as you're escaping, call 911 to report the fire. Provide them with your location and any information they need.

Do Not Use Elevators

In a fire, elevators can become non-operational or even trap you. Always use the stairs to evacuate.

Stay Out

Once you've escaped, do not re-enter the building until the fire department has declared it safe. Your safety is paramount.

Designate a Meeting Point

Have a designated meeting point outside where you can account for everyone who was in the building. This will help ensure everyone is safe and accounted for.

Follow Fire Department Instructions

Firefighters are trained professionals. Follow their instructions and provide them with any information they need to help combat the fire.

Knowing what to do if a fire starts is critical for your safety and the safety of those around you. Stay calm, alert, and follow these essential steps to maximize your chances of a safe escape. Remember, safety should always come first. If you ever face the aftermath of a fire and require professional assistance with fire damage restoration, contact SERVPRO of Oldsmar/Westchase. We're Here to Help® you get your life back on track after a fire emergency.

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